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The International Union of Architects was founded in Lausanne (Switzerland) on 28th June 1948, to unite the architects of the world without regard to nationality, race, religion, or architectural doctrine, and to federate their national organisations.

From the 27 delegations present at the founding assembly, the UIA has grown to encompass the key professional organisations of architects in 130 countries and territories, and now represents, through these organisations, more than 1,300,000 architects worldwide.

Over time, the UIA has become an accomplished non-governmental organisation, an incomparable professional network of architects that reaches all continents.

To carry out its missions, the UIA is structured in such a way that it remains in permanent contact with professionals and their representatives, and manages in a democratic and collegial way the relations of the same at the international level.

Four decision-making levels:

The UIA General Assembly

The Union’s supreme legislative body, the UIA General Assembly meets every three years. It is made up of delegations from all the Union’s Member Sections and the UIA Council members.

The UIA Council

It consists of the Bureau members and four representatives from each of the five Regions of the UIA. It meets twice a year.

The UIA Bureau

It consists of the President, the Immediate Past President, the Secretary General, the Treasurer, and the five Vice-Presidents. Each Vice-President is responsible for the professional activities in his/her Region. It meets twice a year, in between Council meetings.

See the Composition of the UIA Bureau and Council 2014-2017

The UIA Member Sections

The UIA Member Section in a country is the most representative professional organisation of architects in that country. Each Member Section is independent on a national level and is, vis-a-vis the UIA, responsible for its relationship with governments, the other Member Sections, and the Union itself.

Five geographical regions:
The UIA Member Sections are grouped geographically according to five regions:

Region I - Western Europe
Region II - Eastern Europe and the Middle East - 
Region III - The Americas
Region IV - Asia and Oceania
Region V - Africa

The UIA Member Sections

UIA Documents and Bylaws

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